Projects & Papers


Jobs: What's Green Got to Do with It? (PDF)
My Master's thesis, abstract follows:
Using a data driven thematic analysis of 85 newspaper articles from the four Census Regions of the United States, 43 articles from the national press, 17 selected studies and 29 trade paper articles, variations in the themes associated with green jobs across regions and source are explored. An initial hypothesis that the West and Northeast regions would favor environmental benefits of green jobs, versus an emphasis on employment benefits in the South and Midwest, is not confirmed. However, statistically significant variations in several areas are found including the perceived skill-level of green jobs, and their association with environmental topics such as resource conservation. Key findings are: 1) Northeastern newspapers discuss green jobs in the context of values and issues—based on Lakoff's levels of analysis—more than other sources. 2) Analytical studies contain more references to a wider variety of themes than other sources.


"Dimensions of Environmental Behavior" (PDF) (ODT)
An examination and survey study of green innovation diffusion.


"OTA: Congress' Misunderstood Organ of Reason" (PDF) (ODT)


Untitled, an addendum to Improving the Cartographic Quality and Design of Greenmaps (PDF) (RTF)
Clarifies some methodology, and demonstrates that I am indeed practicing as I preach.
Untitled / Building a New Ethic of Stewardship and Sustainable Development (PDF) (RTF)
This is my entry in the contest at MIT. As well as being a simple position piece, and an attempt to get noticed and hired to do some green work, it also won 3rd prize.


Ecological Footprint Cartogram (HTML)(PNG)
I've created cartograms of national ecological footprints (interactive and static) as well as related thematic maps.
"Markets and manufacturing under resource limits" (EN PDF) (FR PDF)
A brief summary of Natural Capitalism with some thoughts and observtions.
Improving the Cartographic Quality and Design of Greenmaps (PDF)
My bachelor's thesis. Also see the addendum


"Extraplanetary Solar Power: The Most Promising Sustainable Energy Option You Never Heard Of" (PDF)
Work in progress -- I intend to flesh out the section on economics more and add an executive summary in the near future; poke and prod me if you want results any time soon.
"Is Nuclear Power the Solution to Global Warming" (PDF) (MIF)
Untitled (PDF) (MIF)
An Op-Ed on the state of the environmental movement.


MBTA Urban Ring
A simple GIS study of MBTA coverage and the Urban Ring proposal.
"US Forest Mismanagement Policy" (PDF) (MIF)
"The Common Tragedy" part 1 (PDF) (MIF)
An Op-Ed on government regulation of the market, a case for involvement.
"The Common Tragedy" part 2 (PDF) (MIF)
An Op-Ed on government regulation of the market, fishery management.
"Alewife, The Great Swamp - Planning, Participation and Practice" (PDF) (MIF)
I was quite reluctant to post this paper because, frankly, it's horrible. However, I really like the title and thought it might provide some background for the untitled paper below.
Untitled (PDF) (MIF)
Assessment and recommendations for Alewife, Research, Planning for Sustainable Development. (HTML)
Plotting environmental resources in Cambridge, MA. This project is ongoing.

2002 (HTML)
Archive of student analyses of the environmental footprint of MIT. Energy: After Hours (HTML)
After hours energy use at MIT, Research, Environment and Society.


The Environmental Impact of Paper (HTML)


Untitled (TXT)