Name:Jerrad Pierce
Height: 4.18 cubits
Weight: 4.8 E 28 amu
Nerdity: 47.6% (5/01/03)
Purity: 91.9% (09/23/02)
Personality: INTJ
Politics: Left-Liberal
Favorite colors:
b l u e s , g r e e n s , g r a y s , b r o w n s
Favorite time: My favorite time is not Sunday afternoon at 3, when you realize you've taken as many showers as are useful that day. An instance where time dilation is not an effect of near light speed, but instead an all too natural occurrence and jest of Mother Nature. To the contrary, my favorite time is Friday night at 2, or rather Saturday morning.
Signature: I am often asked about my mail signature. Here is a small compendium of their history.
In no partcular order
punt, bike, camp, hike, read, code, paint
Reading: mainly hard science-fiction, but also absurd (not fantasy), fact books, and STS (Science, Technology and Society)
Music: various artists... I pretty much started listening to music when I was an exchange student in Belgium, so much of what I listen to is off the beaten path. I need to update this though as it does not reflect my recent leanings towards indie.
Instrument: none, passively trying to learn harmonica, and the didgeridoo would be cool
Humor: yEs
Movies: various genres... science-fiction, comedies, foreign films (esp. French)
Education: Alum: WCW Alum: a little tech school out east
What I want to be/do when I grow up
Save The World™, and Play
Resume: Curricula Vitae